Laboratory Management Information System (LAMIS) 

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What is LAMIS?

LAMIS is a multilingual laboratory management information system for the microbiology and biochemistry laboratories developed on Oracle platform. It is used to track patient information and activities in the laboratories. LAMIS has been developed with the help of many different types of medical professionals. The software fully reflects business processes in the laboratories. It can run as a standalone application or as a part of a larger system. Interaction with other systems, such are machines for the sample analysis, is possible. In addition to the usual LAN configuration, LAMIS 2 is offered as a service on Oracle Cloud and AWS for the selected markets.

The first version of LAMIS has been released in March 2009. Since it has been introduced, LAMIS has been able to produce valuable scientific and statistical reports. A daily laboratory work list is generated for each work area, providing the responsible technician with information on previously processed specimens. Manipulation of the patient and specimen information permits the performance of various functions, including the workload statistics, quality-control summaries, epidemiological surveys, and cumulative reports. Reports may contain complete descriptions antimicrobial susceptibility results, that can be directly associated with other data regarding the specimen, specific organism, different wards in the Clinical Center, or the specific time of observation.

The goal of LAMIS 2 was too keep  simple user interface for the laboratory staff while adding new features and optimizing the application to work in the cloud environment.

Itilla is offering data mining and statistical analysis services of your LAMIS data with RODM interface. This can include cross-referencing  your data with data from the third party databases (GIS, climate, etc).

LAMIS is a multilingual application. Currently there are versions in English and Bosnian.

LAMIS Advantages

LAMIS has improved efficiency and service quality and cut the costs in the microbiology department with its advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  •  Patient record history data is stored in one place. There is no need for the unnecessary examinations. This benefit cuts down cost in the laboratory materials and human resources and improves a quality of service.
  • Software is adapted to the laboratory business processes.
  • The data entry is fast and accurate because LAMIS is based on the predefined utility tables. Most of the data is stored in the drop down lists. The data in these tables is based on WHO standards.
  • Users can define templates for the analysis results.
  • LAMIS can work on Oracle 11g XE and higher versions of Oracle. With Oracle 11g XE there is no need for the Oracle license. This solution is ideal for the smaller laboratories.
  • LAMIS can work on any operating system that supports Oracle (UNIX, Linux, Windows)
  • Managers can view “real-time” reports on the performances of the laboratories and individual users.
  • Users can search analysis status by many different parameters.
  • The software is a web application. Client machines just need to have word processing software and internet browser. This significantly cuts down the maintenance costs.
  • In addition to the usual LAN configuration, LAMIS 2 will be offered as a service on Oracle Cloud and AWS for the selected customers. This will cut down maintenance costs and increase ROI. This configuration will also make LAMIS accessible from any device that has Internet access (Tablets, smart phones etc.)

LAMIS modules/features

  •  Patients (patient management, patient search, patient's illness history, vaccination, therapies, previous serological analysis, previous visits)
  • Biological samples data
  • Analysis (analysis management, analysis search)
  • Utilities (list of diseases, samples, analysis, analysis results, vaccination types, diagnoses types, laboratories, microorganisms, microorganism types, antibiotics, professions, preparation, hospital departments, referent values, referent values for analysis, reports, analysis result templates, analysis group templates)
  • User administration
  • Reporting – LAMIS comes with predefined statistical reports and reports for analysis results. Itilla can also implement additional custom reports. LAMIS has features for the ad-hoc reports and statistical analysis. Itilla also can perform data mining and statistical analysis of your data with RODM interface. All the reports can be exported into rtf, docx, pdf, xls, odt, and ods formats.
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